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IT & Cyber

Bizzell Corporation's technology and cyber security offerings are strategically guided by industry-standard structures. In doing so, we leverage technology to deliver clients with leading security solutions, that are focused on both mission and enterprise needs. ensuring the implementation of agile, defense-in-depth architectures. In addition to offering assessments and operational support, Bizzell can provide the full life-cycle of capabilities utilizing state-of-the-art technologies.

These services also include analysis of global trends in cyber capabilities, information operations, and information technologies, by our cyber specialists. Additionally, we often review trends on existing security technologies and deliver recommendations and solutions on how to improve capabilities for governments and private-sector clients.

Strengthening the Federal Government's Cyber capabilities through staffing, exercise planning and training.

Bizzell supports cyber-ISR planning, targeting, operations, and PED with US military in CENTCOM theaters of operation. ISR-cyber: critical infrastructure, physical security and IOT assessments; WiFi survey, geolocation, assessment, and exploitation; network intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance; penetration of wired and wireless networks; partner force training includes defending local networks from persistent cyber-attacks; cyber-attack analysis and remediation.

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