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Military Surveillance Team of Officers Locked a Target on a Vehicle from a Satellite and M

Intelligence Analysis

Bizzell offers clients extensive experience and past performance in intelligence operations for Federal government customers. In this capacity, Bizzell helps convert data into tactical and operational knowledge, enabling data-driven decision making, and providing an in-depth analysis of acquired intelligence to senior leadership during mission-critical decision points.


Bizzell knows that operational success is often dependent upon remaining a step ahead of the adversary, achieved by organizing sourced data in concise, executable, and information-backed assessments.


Bizzell’s intelligence capabilities include multiple areas of expertise including: All Source, HUMINT, SIGINT, GEOINT, OSINT and Collection Managers, as well as a large cadre of ISR Mission Managers and training SMEs.

Supporting the Federal Government's capabilities by processing critical intelligence information 

Bizzell has supported multiple intelligence programs, including Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance Mobile Advisory Team (ISRMAT) for TRADOC G-2, Intelligence Support Services-Afghanistan (ISS-A), the Counter Insurgency Targeting Program (CITP) and CJTF-OIR Intelligence Support Services (CISSC) for INSCOM. We have deployed intelligence personnel and SMEs to Afghanistan and Kuwait, providing ISR training, CI, HUMINT, SIGINT, and collections management support to the US Government (USG).  ​ On any intelligence contract, Bizzell ensures that our analysts are thoroughly familiar with the production requirements and PIRs for their geographic and functional areas. Knowing the critical information needs of national-level decision and policy makers, theater-level commanders, and deployed warfighters gives direction and focus to our analysts’ research. We conduct collaborative sessions throughout the research process to ensure that our research team stays on track in accordance with Agency objectives and PIRs. Bizzell analysts employ multiple intel databases, programs, and search engines such as Tripwire Analytical Capability (TAC), Palantir, i2 Analyst Notebook, DataXplorer, TargetCop, VOLTRON, CAVEICE, FIRETRUCK, ArcGIS (ArcView), GoogleEarth, HOT-R, Gemini Modernized Integrated Database (MIDB), Net-Centric Geospatial Intelligence Discovery Services (NGDS), Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment (TIDE) Database, Multimedia Message Manager (M3), Geotagged Open Source Search Intelligence Profiler (GOSSIP), Record Message Traffic (RMT), and Intelink-U. Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Publicly Available Information (PAI). Our analysts use the same mechanisms as DHS, DoD, and other IC and federal law enforcement agencies on the NIPRNET, JWICS, and SIPRNET terminals to identify intelligence information that is used to conduct in-depth research, identification, and further development using targeting tool sets.

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